Homemade DNA Kit
Collecting your child's DNA can be simple and free.
Please follow carefully all directions.

In the event your child is missing, please give this kit to your local law enforcement or the FBI.

Materials Instructions
  1. 2 heavy duty zip lock freezer bags
  2. Latex gloves
  3. Q-Tip type swabs
  4. Fingernail clipper
  5. Plain white paper
  • Cut 20 or so head hairs close to the scalp and wrap in paper. (You do not need the hair root)
  • Clip fingernails and wrap in paper.
  • To collect buccal swabs ( From inside the child's mouth), follow this carefully:
    • Make sure the child doesn't eat or drink anything for about � hour priorto taking sample
    • Wear latex gloves
    • Collect sample by rolling swab around inside the cheek for about 10 seconds. Place on paper to air dry (30-60 minutes)
    • Take 2 samples from each cheek and air dry.
    • Place 4 dried Q-tips in zip lock bag.
  • Place hair samples, fingernails and Q-tip baggy in second zip lock bag.
  • Label bag with: the child's name, date of collection and who took the sample.
  • Store in freezer
DNA Sample will keep for many years, maybe forever.

These instructions came from Special Agent Joseph Errera,
a forensic expert at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

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