Tommy Law Sent to Governor for Signature
Legislation Passes Senate on National Missing Children's Day

SALEM - HB 3059 passed the Senate without opposition. The bill would ensure all police officers are trained to investigate and report cases involving missing children. State Representative Rob Patridge, House Majority Whip, (R - District 50) introduced HB 3059 at the request of the Kelly family, whose son Tommy was missing for several months before his remains were discovered.

HB 3059 directs the Department of Public Safety and Standards Training to include missing children cases among their normal training requirements for police officers. The bill also directs police officers to utilize national training programs offered at no cost to the state.

Patridge requested that HB 3059 be scheduled for a vote today, May 25, 2001, which is National Missing Children's Day. "It is important to send a message that Oregon is committed to families that have lost their children," said Patridge. "I was pleased that we were able to schedule a vote on National Missing Children's Day, it helps emphasize the need for this legislation."

Representative Patridge also introduced a bill creating the crime of unlawful administration of a drug to minors. HB 3035, the companion bill to HB 3059, is currently in Ways and Means. The two bills, dubbed the Tommy Laws, were introduced at the request of the Kelly family.

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